Ethics Committee

Through this channel, complaints about possible irregularities or accounting improprieties or any other matters of an accounting nature, audit matters and those related to internal controls, ethics, human rights and the environment may be submitted. Whenever possible, they should contain sufficient information to enable the reported facts to be verified.

When identifying or suspecting irregularities or impropriety, anyone should report such fact so that it can be ascertained and corrected. There is no obligation to identify the sender, but when identified, anonymity will always be guaranteed.

Upon receipt of a complaint, the Coordinator of the Ethics Committee will determine whether the information presented is sufficient to warrant an investigation. If the employee wishes to remain anonymous to the institution, the complaint regarding ethical issues in general should be made to the Office of external advocacy. The punishment measures will be applied in accordance with the Funbio Staff Manual and, if not, according to the law.

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